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Is Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit A Gateway To Sexual Superiority?

We have been cheerleaders of the Fleshlight brand for as long as we can remember, mostly because the manufacturer consistently reveals well-made products constructed out of the high-quality materials. More than that though, we love anything that improves our performance in bed, and so does any partner we’ve ever had. And since not everyone can roll around in the sack like an energetic porn star, some of us need a little practice.

However, practicing on a person can be an embarrassing gamble when your stamina isn’t where it should be. Nut too soon with one partner and your reputation is completely blown. Use a toy that’s primary purpose is to get you off and run the risk of staying at the same sexual level for the rest of your life. The world of minute men has spoken and they’ve requested a tool to train their main vein.

Enter: The new Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU), a high-end, handheld masturbator that pack a little more punch than most people are used to. Anyone who has been in this business long enough can tell you that there are no pills or topical creams that can compare to the awesome power of good old fashioned hands-on experience. We’ve noticed that the makers of the Stamina Training Unit understand this basic concept and have applied that knowledge to the overall construction of the toy.

What Is the Fleshlight Stu (Stamina Training Unit)?

The Fleshlight brand claims that their new Stamina Training Unit provides “greatly improved stamina in bed.” The makers also say that the unit assists in increasing sexual desire and confidence while broadening the range of techniques attempted. We can certainly see how lasting for a longer period in the sack could create plenty of room for experimentation. That’s certainly not something a pill or cream could pull off.

In fact, no topical or ingestible treatment on the market today can improve your rhythm or timing the way a hands-on tool could. The makers of the STU claim that their product can make it happen. We found that they’re somewhat right in that, but mostly because the STU provides such an intense sensation that it makes regular sex seem less exciting to your penis. We aren’t sure how many people will be turned off by that, but it’s the truth.

Basically, the STU is designed to give users such intense orgasms that the orgasms achieved during organic sex aren’t reached within mere minutes like usual. The manufacturer of the STU says that users of the device can typically last twice as long in bed as they can with the unit. So, if you get off within 10 minutes while using the STU, you will probably last about 20 with your partner. And the more you use it, they say, the longer you will go before climaxing.

The Basic Features Of The Fleshlight Stamina

All of that “magic” mentioned above is achieved by the scientifically proven design of the Fleshlight STU. It features a large number of small, smooth bumps along the inside of the removable sleeve (which is exceptionally tight by the way). Those bumps, or nodes, running up and down the walls of the STU perform an important function: they are responsible for providing the penis with the extra stimulation it needs to become trained for the long game. In other words, that little bit of texture is specifically designed to make you climax as quickly as possible.

There isn’t much more to the STU other than the ergonomic design of the outer casing, making it super easy to keep ahold of when in use. It looks a lot like the other Fleshlights in the brand’s lineup, but it does appear to be a bit more high-tech than its brothers. Since we know better than to judge a book by its over (or its already elevated reputation), we decided to scrutinize every single detail until we figured out what made the Stamina Training Unit so unique.


What You Get for the Money

Our Fleshlight STU ran us about $60(click here to check the up to date price), which is very reasonable when compared to the cost of other Fleshlight models (not to mention other sex toys on the market).

Fleshlight STU Value Pack

Its low cost is due to the streamlined manufacturing practices of the maker – a popular brand that is known for throwing extras into the box. The Stamina Training Unit, with all its simplistic glory, was no exception. It too came with numerous bonus items for free.

Inside the box rested the precious STU in a special edition gold case that served as a protective mold. For the money, you also get a small packet of the brand’s patented water-based lubricant, and anyone who registers their product on the manufacturer’s site gets a free e-book emailed to them. We haven’t read the book we received yet, but from the looks of it, it includes information on sexual health, provides penile performance tips, and instructs owners on how to train their penis for maximum effect.

You will also receive a short user’s manual that is written in three different languages. Like all other Fleshlight toys, however, you will not get a convenient carrying case or storage container. We’ve found that the box it came in will have to suffice, and that it does quite nicely. While this isn’t ideal by any means, the STU is not so flimsy that it risks being damaged by shoddy storage.

Our Experience With The Fleshlight Stu

We find it very difficult to describe the sensations provided by the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. This handheld masturbator looks innocuous enough, but what it does to the penis is otherworldly. Due to the marble-sized sensitivity balls running throughout the removeable sleeve, our experience with the STU was quick and easy just as promised.

However, the Fleshlight STU’s canal structure is what caught our attention the most. Within just one half of an inch inside the opening, intense sensations begin to take over the head of the penis. This should be great news for men with short penises. After heating our textured sleeve up by running it under hot water for about 3 minutes, we had the ride of our lives. You should note that the STU is so intense it’s almost painful, so organic sex will most likely feel like a relaxing vacation for your penis.

Our experiences with the products from Fleshlight brand have always been impressive, and the STU is again no exception. For some people, it may be a bit on the heavy side (as are most toys from Fleshlight), but we found that the weight distribution is on point, not to mention necessary for safe use. There’s nothing like bending your penis under the strain of a hard thrust because the toy itself wasn’t weighty enough to suffice. Trust us, we would know.

Furthermore, the tightness of the opening is quite remarkable. In fact, it may be a bit too much for men with a little girth to their penis. We found that the majority of our team was able to insert nicely, while the few who couldn’t were still able to use the Fleshlight STU as intended (albeit not as long as the other guys). Overall, the Stamina Training Unit by Fleshlight is on par with the rest of its inventory: well-made, properly functioning, and appropriate for just about anybody.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We admittedly appreciate most of what comes out of the Fleshlight lineup, but we also have a duty to remain objective when doing these reviews. While it is well understood that stamina training is important, the methods by which some men go about it are scary and often dangerous. And although the STU is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, it has what similar products do not have and that’s scientific proof of its effectiveness.

The Appearance Of The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

We have already touched base on the overall appearance of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. However, we have yet to discuss the fact that it is masculine-looking and attractive. Unlike the other products in the Fleshlight inventory, the STU is sexy. It’s also exceptionally durable, having been made with the same high-end materials as the rest of its brothers. The outer casing is smooth and without blemish, while also being ergonomically sound for better grip. It’s almost as though Fleshlight knows who will be using their products and how. Interesting.


  • Pimp Your Privates – No pill or cream on the market can give you intense pleasure while also providing increased sexual stamina.
  • One Size Fits Most – The size of the STU is perfectly suitable for most men between the sizes of 2 inches and 9 inches, with plenty of penis head stimulation for men with larger organs.
  • Do the Twist – The end caps can be adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of suction within the chamber, making it easier than ever to customize the experience as you go.
  • Hot and Cold – The textured internal sleeve can be warmed or cooled to provide different sensations and training exercises.
  • Take Your Pick – The Stamina Training Unit comes with two different orifices from which to choose: pure and lady. The “pure” orifice is a nonanatomic version of the anatomic “lady” orifice. Each has a different texture, so we advise trying them both at some point.
  • Safe and Sound – All parts and pieces of the Fleshlight STU are hypoallergic, having been made using 100% latex and phthalate-free materials.
  • Clean and Sober – We found that the Fleshlight STU lasts a lot longer when you wash it properly after each use. Luckily, that’s super easy to do thanks to the twist-off end caps.



  • The Pressure Is On – The dual action of the sleeve’s nodes and tightness create such an intense sensation that some men run the risk of desensitizing their penis after repeated use.
  • Don’t Touch It – The makers of the STU suggest refraining from manual masturbation activities while using this device, a habit that may hinder intimacy with your partner.
  • Push It to the Limits – Although the sensations from the STU feel like magic, the point is to stop yourself from climaxing, completely negating the pleasurable sensations derived from the experience.
  • Heavy Handed – This toy may be a tad too heavy for some men to hold onto, especially those with mobility issues.
  • Play Nice – The STU is not compatible with all of the Fleshlight masturbator accessories, meaning your creativity is somewhat limited when using it.

We Like to Get the Last Word

We understand that nothing on the modern market is perfect, but we believe that the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU) is about as close as it gets. With minor design flaws and basic drawbacks that are just par for the course, this toy should cost a lot more than it does. Considering how durably it’s made as well, we’re left wondering how the Fleshlight brand makes any money.

While we weren’t too impressed by the water-based lube sample offered up by the brand, we found it handy nonetheless. Because of the short amount of time the Fleshlight STU is typically in use, very small amounts of lubricant are usually needed (even for the pros). The patented skin-like material helps make a little lube go a long way, which assists in further cutting down on the cost of sexual improvement. After all, surgeries, creams, and pills that claim to do the same thing can be very expensive, and the worst part about it is that most of those techniques don’t even work.

If we had to rate the STU on a scale of 1 to 10 – with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest – we would give it an 8.75 and call it a day. Knowing full well that the Fleshlight brand is likely to produce a new and improved version in the near future, we keep our hopes up and our eyes open for the next big thing in penile training. Until then, we are satisfied with the overall performance of the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit and would suggest it to any man who wants to last longer and go stronger in bed.

You can find more information or buy the fleshlight stamina training unit at their official website.

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