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Properly cranking your own yank is an art form. So, while nearly every prepubescent boy in the country thinks masturbation means whacking it into an old tube sock, it’s time for us grownups to start taking this shit more seriously. After all, we now have dozens of legitimate companies pouring millions of dollars into the development of high-tech male sex toys. It’s only right that we act as cultured adults from this point forward.

Jerking off with your hand might work in a pinch, but most guys moved past that lameness in middle of the top rated men's sex toys on todays adult market With that said, we understand how difficult it can be to find a decent blowjob machine, manual masturbator or pocket pussy. The market is replete with options and some of the stuff looks eerily similar, if not extremely complicated (or both). Fortunately, there’s a light at the end of the proverbial pervert tunnel.

It doesn’t help that some of the best sex toys for men on the market are crazy expensive. No matter how good the sex is, nobody should need a second mortgage to afford it. So, while consumers can expect to get what they pay for in most cases, those consumers shouldn’t endure sticker shock every time they venture out of the house. We’re still hoping some of the better manufacturers get that memo.

Meanwhile, the most devoted dicks on the planet have assembled on a mission – to sift through the rubble and uncover the cream of the sex toy crop. And as with any budding industry, the initial reviewers weren’t doing any favors. In fact, their tenacity is what’s paved the way for the some of the best male sex toy innovations known to mankind. Either way, the people will always demand perfection, especially if they’re spending hundreds of their hard-earning dollars on a luxury device.

So, although you may masturbate alone (or not), you don’t have to face the enormous market all by yourself (unless you like it rough). It’s now a commonly accepted fact that every man (and woman) has unique tastes, needs and arousal triggers. So, the most relevant sex toy makers will create products that can be tailored to the user’s liking. It’s not a flawless victory, but it’s a good start.

The Top 10 Sex Toys For Men of 2019

Submitted below for your consideration are what customers, reviewers, and professional perverts collectively describe as the top 10 male masturbators on the modern-day market. Keep in mind, however, that each product mentioned has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, plus they all vary widely in price, functionality, technological advancement, size, etc. We’ve done our best to highlight those things to make the selection process a little easier on you.

NOTE: The following list is in no particular order.

The Fleshlight Launch

This high-tech device is mentioned first simply because it’s unlike anything else you’ll find. Not only is it an automatic machine but it’s also compatible with other sex toys, even a few from outside the Fleshlight brand. User-friendly and packed full of features like Bluetooth connectivity, preprogrammed sessions, live/interactive porn content and customizable speed/vibe settings, the Launch catapulted the sex toy industry into the next dimension.

At first glance it looks a bit too complicated for the average person, but the device’s simplified and ergonomic operating system makes it easy to use. And while it’s not portable nor waterproof, it’s a toy that’s primary design is to generate a free-flow of freakiness despite distance.

The Launch by the famous Fleshlight brand lives up to the manufacturer’s personable reputation, featuring further compatibility with most virtual reality (VR) goggles and the Kiiroo brand’s innovative Onyx/Peal lineup.

The pros: It offers hands-free orgasms and generates a realistic setting for sex.

The cons: It’s sort of heavy, somewhat expensive and difficult to store.

 The Kiiroo Onyx/Pearl Combo

Speaking of the Kiiroo brand’s innovation, their Onyx-Pearl combo is a force to be reckoned with. While each of the toys can be used independently, the magic that happens when they’re synced is indescribable. Using their own patented technology, the manufacturer has introduced two toys that work in unison flawlessly (as long as you have a decent Bluetooth and/or internet connection).

The toys not only transmit your partner’s body movements over to your toy in real time, but they can do so even if your lover is on the other side of the world. Lightweight, portable and virtually silent, the Onyx and Pearl are sold separately but have couple’s-friendly features such as a wireless power source, rechargeable batteries, and a hands-free auto setting to put the “O” back in “foreplay.”

This pair of devices is also compatible with VR headsets, plus the makers provide a library of downloadable porn content. Buyers also get access to interactive video feeds of their partner if their partner is using another Onyx or Pearl.

The pros: It offers multiple masturbation modes and is conveniently discreet.

The cons: It’s loud when turns on high and is only half as cool if don’t have another compatible device.

The TENGA Flip Zero EV

Since we’re talking about sex toy manufacturers who have pushed the envelope, it’s only fair that the TENGA boys get mentioned. They’ve consistently churned out remarkable products for over a decade, and the Flip Zero EV device is an indication of their staying power. Perhaps the relatively high-tech design is what catches most people’s attention, or maybe it’s the one-size-fits-all approach that was taken during its development.

The Flip Zero EV opens up to swallow the average male penis better than a well-trained prostitute and it’s 300 times easier to control. With ergonomic button placement and plenty of preprogrammed settings, the FZEV is suitable for couples and solo artists alike. The “EV” in its name stands for “electronic vibration,” a feature that’s surprisingly powerful, especially considering the fact that the entire contraption is waterproof.

It also has a hyper-realistic material and an open-ended design, making it feel like heaven without being hell to clean. But while it’s not the most expensive thing on the market, it’s certainly not the cheapest and you’ll get what you pay for.

The pros: It’s a type of hinged design unlike anything on the market and it’s super easy to use alone or with a partner.

The cons: It’s not automatic and it’s not compatible with other devices or online content.

The Electra-Stim Jack Socket Stroker

For those who are into a bit of kink in the bedroom, the Electra-Stim Jack Socket Stroker is ideal. As the standard for all e-stim sex toys on the market, this bad boy provides pleasure that’s more than skin deep while being safe to use in almost any setting (as long as it doesn’t involve water).

The Jack Socket uses gentle yet powerful TENs technology and a hyper-realistic sleeve which, together, simulate the sensations of real sex. Especially useful for men suffering from dick desensitization, the open-ended E-Stim Stroker revitalizes penile nerve endings with targeted stimulation in a contraption that can accommodate 4 inches in length and 1 ¼ inches in girth.

This device comes with everything needed to create a shocking sexual experience, including the brand’s patented conductivity gel that serve a dual role as an e-stim intensifier and a lubricant.

The pros: It’s fun to play with and can be used with or without the e-stim activated.

The cons: It can be intimidating to beginners and requires a lot of prep to do it right.

Fleshlight STU

If you’re one of those guys who likes the classics, look no further than the original Fleshlight male masturbator. It may be bulky but it’s still one of the most discreet and best feeling sex toys on today’s market. Made in America (by an ex-cop, none-the-less), the Fleshlight lineup of handheld devices is always a showstopper.

For one, the OG Fleshlight features a skin-like material that was so well-received that it ended up getting used on almost all their toys. Furthermore, the original design does more than just resemble an industrial flashlight; it welcomes your penis into a cushiony canal of varying textures after satisfying your eye with skillfully crafted orifices.

Considered a luxury brand, the average toy in the Fleshlight lineup is surprisingly affordable, not to mention customizable. This manufacturer gives customers more options than they could explore in two lifetimes, including vampire and alien-inspired orifices and porn-star molded sleeves.

The pros: It’s a well-made device that’s hard to break but fun to break-in.

The cons: It doesn’t have any high-tech features and it’s not ideal for couple’s play.

    The HEPS Fantastic Oral Sex Simulator

In the mood for something a bit more specialized? The HEPS Fantastic Oral Sex Simulator is one for the history books. Unlike the other blowjob machines on the market, this thing offers something that every man has only dreamed about until now: highly texturized sleeves, customizable suction power, a temperature sensitive elastomer material, and strategic air pockets that work in tandem with the other features to mimic the sensations of real oral sex.

The HEPS FOSS, which can be easily broken down into five separate pieces for easy cleaning, is available in two colors (black and white), with both of them having the same measurements, appropriate for the average male penis – about 4.5 inches in length and about 1 inch in girth. Its durable case is held together with a series of powerful integrated magnets and can double as a drying rack, making this one of the most user-friendly devices on this list.

For a relatively inexpensive oral sex simulator, the HEPS Fantastic certainly raises the bar. It may not be extremely high-tech or even fancy looking, but it provides a super realistic blowjob sensation by using a recognizable innovative design that’s easy to use and even easier to maintain. The pros: You just heard them. The cons: Its sleeves aren’t interchangeable, so the boredom factor comes into play after a while.

    The Sayber X Handheld Sex Simulator

The Sayber X seems to be a well-thought-out reaction to the sex toy industry’s ever-increasing selection of automatic sex simulators. Featuring an attractive plastic casing that’s surprisingly durable yet conveniently lightweight, the SX is a compact handheld masturbator of epic proportions.

They say if you like it then you better put a ring on it. The Sayber X uses an automatic drive system that runs off of a powerful internal motor, but the fun doesn’t start until you slide on the included finger loop. Made from skin-safe silicone, the loop utilizes Bluetooth to make the toy react instantly to your lover’s spontaneous body movements. One ring to rule them all . . .

Perfect for couple’s play, the SX Simulator can be used during solo missions as well. It offers five distinct speed functions and uses the brand’s patented skin-like material, plus it has room for above average-sized penises and is compatible with any type of lube. The pros: It makes a sexy addition to a long-distance relationship and is super easy to maintain. The cons: It’s not compatible with other devices, online porn content, or partners who get jealous easily.

    The Lovense Domi Wand

In terms of handheld masturbators, the Lovense Domi Wand offers perhaps the most customizable experience of them all. On top of that, it’s an excellent choice for horny couples who know exactly what they like but can’t seem to find it with conventional toys. With an array of fucktastic features and a body-conscious design that’s suitable for both men and women, the Domi Wand captivates the imagination while putting the genitals in submission.

Although rather tiny and relatively innocuous looking, this thing packs a powerful punch to the privates. It can double as a standard muscle massager or get used to stimulate various erogenous zones – the anus, the vagina, the nipples, you name it. With dual rotating heads, a flexible neck, and a casing made from medical-grade silicone, the Domi seeks and destroys sexual frustration like it’s getting paid.

Using zero dangling cords and a fully rechargeable battery, this wonder wand is flexible yet sturdy, durable yet pliable and high-tech yet user-friendly. The Domi offers three preprogrammed intensity levels, ten preset vibe patterns, and is compatible with various smart devices to run the brand’s free downloadable porn app. The pros: It’s great for long-distance relationships and can even sync to your favorite music. The cons: It’s not waterproof and can be somewhat difficult to store.

    The F1S Developer’s Kit by LELO

Not your typical masturbator, the F1S by LELO is a complete kit that’s made to turn the average pervert into an expert sex toy designer. Offering 360-degree pleasure, it squeezes and jerks the shaft at varying speeds and intensity levels for the purposes of improving stamina and endurance. Ideal for solo missions or group activities, the Developer’s Kit is a techie’s wet dream that suffices for long-distance love-making.

The toy itself features an innovative Bluetooth-ready design, but the whole thing is compatible with a free downloadable app that works independently or in unison with the device’s preprogrammed features. Hailed as “the world’s first SDK sex-tech platform,” LELO’s F1S Developer’s Kit combines industry-standard materials and ergonomics with technologically advanced settings and controls which allow users to enjoy hands-free masturbation.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the lightweight, waterproof and rechargeable F1S is its ability to adjust its performance depending on the person using it. The free app that’s included features unique Developer Software that can be manually manipulated to change the sensations within the chamber. The pros: It’s highly customizable and the app even keeps track of your progress. The cons: It only offers 4 ½ inches of space for your dick and its performance depends heavily on the quality of the internet, Bluetooth and/or cellular data connection.

  1. The Titan Feel Pornstars Experience by Kiiroo

Known for their excellent lineup of interactive sex toys, the Kiiroo brand’s Titan Feel Pornstars Experience is aptly named. This handheld masturbator lets you set the stroke speeds and intensities with the push of a button. And if that weren’t enough, the patented “real feel” sleeve should get your attention because it’s molded to look and feel like the pussy or anus of a real porn star.

Aside from the preset vibe modes and the nine vibrating bullets that operate individually or in union, this toy’s user-friendly interface lets you control your experience through a series of touch-sensitive pads. The ergonomic shape and grip-supporting notches are a nice touch as well, but few things compare to this toy’s realism. The Titan really comes to life when the interactive internet platform with over 4,000 2D and 3D virtual reality videos gets accessed.

Furthermore, the Titan is compatible with other Kiiro brand toys like the Onyx 2 and Pearl, plus it has no distance limit and can be enjoyed no matter where you are in the world. The pros: It comes with free coins for the website and it’s nearly silent when in use. The cons: Its battery life isn’t all that impressive and those freebies run out quickly.

Wrapping Up Our List Of The Best Male Sex Toys In 2019

Remember: You’ve got to wrap it before you tap it. In other words, be sure to make a quick list of the pros and cons before deciding on your next male sex toy. Many may look or operate alike, but each toy is vastly different. Don’t learn the hard way.

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